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My Poems

I have just started writing poetry
and would like to share them
with all of you.

To a Very Special Person

Kindness is a present
that special people give
that brings a touch of beauty
to every day they live

You bring a world of beauty
in a warm and thoughtful way
and you show a special kindness
in the nice things that you say

You add such warmth and sunshine
to all the things you do

that is way there is so much happiness
In every thought of you.

Love Hurts
a friend

Have you ever looked into someone's eye
and knew they didn't care
Did you ever look into their heart's
and wish that you were there
Did you ever feel like crying
but knew you'd get nowhere

If love is love
Then love is fine
but it hurts

So I say to you my friend
Don't fall in love
You'll just get hurt before it's through
I ought to know I fell in love with you.

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